How To Avoid This >>>

​Simple. Call a HAHI Inspector. You stand a better chance of receiving a PROPER home inspection. 

Regardless of your being a Seller having a pre-sale inspection performed, or a Buyer- the use of a HAHI Inspector means piece of mind. Our Certified Inspectors and Master level are proven and had to pass rigorous supervised examinations. They were supervised by seasoned peers before being awarded Certification.

They also have to abide by the toughest Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics from a professional home inspector organization. 

HAHI Inspectors are required to inspect more and SAY more. Use of a HAHI Inspector means you can be assured you are receiving the most thorough, caring inspection money will buy. 

Protecting You Through Excellence

No boiler plate, short comments. No "I can't understand this report". Our Inspectors have to go much further, rather than just referring everything out to others for further investigation. They have to know what to do, where to look, and how to report findings in a responsible, helpful way. 

And, HAHI is the only organization that requires inspectors to make pro-active replacement comments, as well as energy efficiency recommendations. All for a fee you can live with. More than your moneys worth. Isn't that nice? You can fix your hair now ;) 

Don't Settle For Less. 

Buyers & Sellers- We Actually Care About You!