Finally. A Safe Referral Base For Your Clients. 

You'll Love Us! 

​We know, we hear the stories too. Home inspectors in Hawaii are all over the map. They are NOT regulated yet. There are some very good ones out there, and gasp, some that need a lot of help. Enter the need for a higher standard, and reason HAHI was formed. 

We don't blame you if you cringe when it comes time to do the inspection. Up until now, it's been a bit of a crap shoot. Referring a HAHI Inspector is the most responsible home inspector referral you could possibly make. Your Client will surely thank you. 

HAHI Members are required to go above and beyond. Our Certified Inspectors are a safer bet over all others on the island. They face tough, supervised exam standards, and are supervision on actual inspections to be sure they have what it takes. Better inspections, smoother interactions with you and your customers, better reports, more responsible comments- and, BTW, they take great pride in their work. 


Refer With Confidence. 

A Lot Rides On You. 

Let's be straight up. If you are a truly caring licensee, you will appreciate a great home inspector, no matter how many issues they find. HAHI Inspectors have been directly supervised, as part of the certification process. They are the ONLY home inspectors in Hawaii that have been. It's win-win. 

The truth is, Sellers and Buyers are not well served by anyone withholding high-quality referrals. Yet, it happens- far too often on Oahu. If you avoid referring well-qualified home inspectors in the interest of keeping a deal alive, we really can't help you. HAHI will be educating the public to seek out and employ HAHI Inspectors, and we are confident you will come to appreciate what we provide.

Let's face it. Homes "are what they are". We just tell the story more responsibly and confidently than others do. And, HAHI Inspectors can help you deal with the aftermath of an inspection, because they are solution oriented. If you don't have the resources or talent to deal with post-inspection findings, the deal may fall apart. We'd like to help you avoid that wherever possible. The rest is up to you.